7 Potential Names for the Humboldt Park Alligator that are All Variations of the Name Gerald

By: Mitchell Trachtenberg

Photo credit: Ren’s View Photography

Photo credit: Ren’s View Photography

Good news! Chicago has a new pet alligator! The little beast was spotted in the Humboldt Park lagoon, and we are so excited to welcome this new member to our Chicago family. Here is our list of potential names for the gator:

  1. Gerald

    What better way to pay homage to one of the best 45 presidents in US history than to name our alligator Gerald. Mr. Ford, I hope you’re proud.

  2. Jerrold

    Much like the first option, Jerrold carries the same authoritative, yet suave pronunciation, while offering a slightly more phonetic spelling.

  3. Geraldine

    We here at The Machine are hardly zoologists, and have absolutely no idea what its gender is. For that reason, we’d love to provide an alternative in the case that it is a female alligator.

  4. Gerald the Destroyer of People

    Wow! Talk about a name that pops! After all, this is a powerful carnivore we are talking about. While it loses points for wordiness, it gains points for intimidation!

  5. Gerry

    As perfect of a name Gerald is, there’s something friendly and inviting about the name Gerry. Gerry is the kind of person you would want to marry, or you would want your children to marry.

  6. Geoffrey the Giraffe

    You CANNOT tell me that Geoffrey the Giraffe is not one of your top 5 favorite nationally discontinued toy franchise mascots. While the store may be gone, the name may live on!

  7. Alligerter

    The “g” is pronounced like “edge.”

Please comment below with your own name suggestions, provided they are also variations of the name Gerald!