Boeing Sends 737 Through Air and Water Show to Demonstrate Safety

By: Dylan Siegfried

Photo by: Alex Peters

Photo by: Alex Peters

CHICAGO, IL - Majestically skating over waves and through the summer sky, the planes and boats of the Chicago Air and Water Show were joined by an unexpected guest this year, a Boeing 737 loaded with passengers on their way to Seattle.

American Airlines flight 2369 was simply following their flight path when the plane’s internal GPS began routing the plane towards East Chicago. The pilots unwittingly followed the new directive and within a few minutes were 4th in line waiting to buzz the Lakefront. The aircraft passed so close to other planes during the show that pilots were able to discuss a recent episode of The Bachelorette over the intercom with one of the Blue Angels.

Boeing’s CEO offered a brief statement about the ordeal, saying, “A sky full of fighter jets...a lake full of high powered boats...and our plane didn’t crash into any of them. Pretty safe guys am i right?”

Gary Roccoski, watching the event from his rooftop, commented, “The Boeing wasn’t as fast or as flashy as the other planes, but what it lacked in pizzazz it made up for in the screaming faces of its passengers. You could almost hear them yelling.” After touching down, a passenger on the flight confirmed their fear was real, “You haven’t felt real fear until you fall asleep watching the Emperor’s New Groove and wake up surrounded by fighter jets.”

Other participants did not quite know how to react to the flight’s involvement with the show, with some jets attempting to guide the aircraft down, and others simply doing loopty-loops around it. After the plane cleared the event it continued on towards Seattle.

Some are decrying the stunt as shameless self-promotion and reckless endangerment, but we at the Machine venture to say it might just be the coolest God-damn thing we’ve ever seen.