Chance the Rapper Announces His United Center Concert Will Have Black Tie Dress Code

By: Dylan Siegfried and Ari Loundy

Photo by: Alex Peters

Photo by: Alex Peters

CHICAGO, IL — Stylishly rolling into town today in his diamond encrusted tour bus, Chance the Rapper is ready to light up the City with his beats, his bars, and an outspoken pronouncement that he is in fact married now.

Mr. The Rapper, feeling that his fans don’t quite “get it” yet, has announced that his United Center Concert will have a strict black-tie dress code.

 Concert-goer Lance Wilson was irritated by the formal attire requirement, stating, “You’re telling me I have to dress formally for a rap concert? I bought a mesh shirt and Chance shaped pasties just for this occasion. He’s lucky I bought tickets before I got a chance to listen to the album.”

Kleinfeld’s Wedding Dresses’ partnership with the cutting edge rapper has proven successful. The owner told the Machine, “For the first time ever, people are buying more wedding dresses and tuxedos for Chance’s concerts than for their own weddings. Business has never been better.”

Chance has become known for his immersive and interactive events and these concerts will be no different; this time including tents for, Swarovski Crystal, Jared Diamonds, and Monster Energy. There will even be separate tents for people who’d like to get married while they’re dressed for the occasion. Chance’s event planning team has hired pastors and ministers for every religious denomination, although the team notes that using the Christian pastor gets you a free t-shirt.

Mrs. The rapper will also be present for the formal concert.