Rex Grossman Seen Exiting Bears' QB Room Under Cover of Darkness

By: Hirsch Ptyc

Photo By: Alex Peters

Photo By: Alex Peters

CHICAGO- What is HE doing here?

After Mitch Trubisky's erratic and dangerously wild performance cost the Bears a win against the Packers yesterday, former Bears Quarterback Rex Grossman was seen slipping out of the Bears' QB room late last night under the cover of darkness. While this sighting fueled speculation that Grossman had something to do with the Bears' loss, Coach Matt Nagy wasn't hearing it.

"When Mitch goes out there and fail to execute, it's because he didn't practice well enough," said Nagy. "I guarantee you it isn't because he stayed up late with Rex Grossman last night drinking beer and listening to stories about how he once threw for 300 yards against the Buccaneers and then banged all their cheerleaders.”

The retired QB, known for his inconsistent and frustrating style of play, was seen wearing a trench coat while carrying a duffle bag filled with stadium nachos out of Solider Field in the middle of the night. Despite Nagy's insistence that Grossman's presence was not the cause of Trubisky's problems, that was not the unanimous opinion in the locker room.

"Mitch isn't a bad QB. He's just been hanging around with the wrong crowd," said Bears' Wide Receiver Allen Robinson. "That interception into triple coverage in the end zone last night, that's not the Mitch I know. It's a phase he'll grow out of once he realizes that Rex isn't cool just because he can launch the ball 70 yards downfield."

When reached for comment, Bears GM Ryan Pace denied that the Bears had hired Grossman as a coach over the off-season, but admitted the QB has been living in the ventilation ducts of Solider Field since 2009.